Home Internet Drafts, Bookmarks and more Upgrades on Skype

Drafts, Bookmarks and more Upgrades on Skype

Drafts, Bookmarks and more Upgrades on Skype
Drafts, Bookmarks and more Upgrades on Skype

Draft, Bookmarks and more Upgrades on Skype

Skype is best noted for being a video calling app and, to some extent, that’s as a result of its electronic communication feature set has been a touch underdeveloped. Today, the company is functioning to vary that image with a series of enhancements to Skype’s chatting options geared toward more differentiating it from rival apps.


One of the foremost helpful of the new options is support for Message Drafts.

Similar to email, any message you type up in Skype but don’t yet send is saved inside the speech communication with a “draft” tag attached. That means you’ll be able to come back to the message to end it and send it later.

New features on Skype

It’s a feature that will be nice to visualize different electronic messaging clients adopt, as well, given what quantity of recent business and private communication takes place outside of email.

People have wished the power to draft and schedule iMessage texts for years — such a lot in order that clever developers made-up app-based workarounds to satisfy consumers’ desires. Some individuals even sort up their texts in tablet, looking forward to the correct time to send them.

In another email-inspired addition, Skype is additionally introducing the power to bookmark necessary messages. To access this selection, you simply need to long-press a message (on mobile) or right-click (on desktop), then faucet or click “Add bookmark.” this may add the message to your Bookmarks screen for simple retrieval.

Skype latest features 2

You’ll also now be able to preview photos, videos, and files before you send them through messages — a worthwhile improvement, but one that’s more about playing catch-up to other communication apps than being particularly innovative.

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Skype latest features 4

And if you’re sharing a bunch of photos or videos all at once, Skype will now organize them neatly. Instead of overwhelming recipients with a large set of photos, the photos are grouped in a way that’s more common to what you’d see on social media. That is, only a few are displayed while the rest hide behind a “+” button you have to click in order to see more.

Skype latest Features

Unrelated to the electronic communication enhancements, Skype additionally extended split window support for all versions of Windows, mack, and UNIX. (Windows ten support was already on the market.)

As one of the older electronic communication apps still in use, Skype isn’t any longer the most important or most well-liked, claiming solely three hundred million monthly active users compared to WhatsApp’s one.5 billion, as an example.

However, it’s sensible to ascertain its team obtaining back to finding real shopper pain points instead attempting to clone Snapchat because it erroneously tried to try and do not too way back. (Thankfully, those changes were rolled back.) What Skype’s remaining users appreciate is that the app’s ease-of-use and its productivity focus, and these changes area unit targeted thereon direction.

Outside of the distended access to separate read, noted on top of, all the opposite new options area unit rolling out across all Skype platforms, the corporate says.


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