Home Gadgets Android 10 Officially Launched (VIDEO)

Android 10 Officially Launched (VIDEO)

Android 10 Officially Launched (VIDEO)
Android 10 Officially Launched (VIDEO)

Android 10 officially launched

Finally. android 10 has been formally launched, though the rollout — needless to say — is restricted to pixel phones for the day one update. This includes the 3-year recent original Google pixel, however, Google is promising to bring the update to different smartphones in 2019, along with some launch devices additionally.

Among the updates is that the expected Dark Theme, which has been one thing that users are waiting for for a while now. this implies that Google’s native apps can decide to support the new Dark Theme, though The Verge reports that Gmail support for the Dark Theme can solely be inward later this month. however generally, menus and also the overall look of android 10 smartphones are shrouded within the new theme (yes, please).

But one in every of the additional fascinating updates that come with android Q is the implementation of gesture navigation, which is able to add a similar thanks to how the iPhone’s gesture navigation works. this implies that with gesture navigation enabled, users, can swipe up to go to the house screen, swipe up and hold for recent apps, and swipe from the left or right of the screen to go back. one in each of the upsides to using gestures, of course, is that the extra screen real estate you get once the navigation bar is gone — though you’ll be able to still prefer to associate with a standard navigation bar.

Android 10 also will feature a reasonably vital update: Project mainline. In essence, this {can} means that “important security and privacy fixes can currently be sent to your phone from Google Play, within the same method your apps update.” Google says that this can make sure that users get security patches once they’re on the market, as opposition expecting individual smartphone makers to push the updates.

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There are a number of different options packed at intervals android 10, that are aimed towards additional streamlining the experience of users. “Focus mode”, for instance, makes it easier to silence apps while engaged on one thing, whereas there’ll be additional privacy and security measures included yet.

There will even be “Live Caption”, that Google says can automatically caption videos, audio, or perhaps podcasts. However, which will only be created on the market later within the year, with pixel phones to get the update once it’s on the market.

This will be Android’s first update that won’t be sweet-themed after they announced a small rebrand of sorts to the naming style, as well as some subtle changes to the logo and font of Android. Based on past updates, Google should be rolling out the Android 10 update to Pixel phones over the next few days. If you own one, head over to Settings>System>Advanced>System Update to check if Google has pushed the update to your device yet.

As for different android smartphones, you’ll watch for updates from the makers, which may take place anytime from weeks to months. Here’s to hoping for a fast update, as there’s a large number of latest updates to poke into


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