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i-Cent – Big Man [Mp3 Download]

i-Cent – Big Man [Mp3 Download]
i-Cent – Big Man [Mp3 Download]

i-Cent – “Big Man”

In case you’re not familiar with buzzing artiste i-Cent, He previously released tracks such as “Robo, Featuring Olamide,” “Energy” and most recently “Lala,” and the singer-songwriter is back with a fresh new tune titled “Big Man” which is strictly one for the ladies.

“She wants a biggie man oo / That kind man wey go dey like a Superman ohh / She want a man wey go dey wey go hold her down ohh / The things you do to me be like say you get Jazz Ohh /  Shay You dey use e charm ohhh,” sings i-Cent. “Big Man” has the potential to stand up firmly against his previous releases.

“I wanted to deliver a song to fans that were similar to my single “Energy” because that’s what they’ve asked for,” he said of the new single. “It was an opportunity for me to showcase my writing in a different way and expose a bit of my ratchet side. And giving the fans what they want will hopefully pay off for me” Produced by Tony Ross, “Big Man” the single is a sweet reminder that i-Cent is one to keep your eye on for the new wave of Afro rhythm. Tune into “Big Man” below and see what we mean.

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