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Apple Fifth Avenue: Apple completes Its Most Extensive Store Renovation To Date [PHOTOS]

Apple Fifth Avenue: Apple completes Its Most Extensive Store Renovation To Date [PHOTOS]
Apple Fifth Avenue: Apple completes Its Most Extensive Store Renovation To Date [PHOTOS]


Apple tackled to finish its most in-depth store renovation to this point. Apple Fifth Avenue and its 32-foot glass cube entrance have come back to new york town. earlier than the notable store’s reopening, regular to coincide with the discharge of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and Apple Watch Series 5, Apple gave us a sneak peek within.


It takes nice restraint and judgment to tastily update a store like Apple fifth avenue. although dwarfed by the skyscrapers close it, the glass cube has been a contemporary monument in new york town for the past 13 years. altering its look considerably would be nearly like revising history. therefore once Apple stark naked away from the temporary iridescent wrappings that declared the store’s come back earlier this month, it disclosed a cube that looked remarkably acquainted. the doorway still features 15 glass panes (down from 90 before 2011) and a hanging illuminated Apple brand. however that’s where the similarities finish.

However, Apple Fifth Avenue is a totally new store. The site was literally a hole in the ground two years ago, as crews completely demolished the old space and started over. Apple worked closely with Foster + Partners to create a top store for New York City, and the first thing you’ll notice about the reimagined space is a more inviting plaza.

Apple 5th Ave

Apple 5th Ave

Two rows of indoor trees meet your eye at the foot of the stairs. A green wall behind the staircase provides a natural backdrop for the Genius Grove and additional seating. For the first time since Santa Monica’s Apple Third Street Promenade, Apple is using double-length tables throughout.

Apple 5th Ave

Thanks to the store’s length, Apple is able to display an unprecedented quantity of products and third-party accessories for one location. Walls at the north and south ends of the store open to sculpted staircase entries.

The “Fifth Avenue” will kick off Today at Apple at the cube from September 21-29 with exclusive performances and the opportunity to use New York City as the palette to learn a new skill. Expect more unique sessions to continue in the future at the 24-hour store. Apple’s former temporary space on Fifth Avenue was one of just six locations across the world recently picked to host a limited-run augmented reality [AR]T Walk.

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Since the iPod era, the glass cube has been a staple of every new Apple product launch and the face of launch day excitement. An iconic location deserves a store built to stand the test of time, and Apple put its best foot forward. Apple Fifth Avenue reopens in Manhattan on September 20 at 8:00 a.m.

Apple 5th Avenue

Apple 5th Ave

According to 9to5mac, Apple Fifth Avenue is the first Apple Store in the world to include not one, but two Boardrooms for private events and meetings with creators. A section of staircase tread and a glass panel offer a closer look at the design and engineering work behind the new space. The store is also the second in the United States and third in the world to feature what Apple calls an Experience Room, a custom space designed to highlight how Apple’s products and services work together.

The Experience Room on Fifth Avenue is Apple’s most in-depth, Space creates a secluded area with HomePods and leather benches set up to demo Apple Music in a quieter environment. Furniture and fixtures in the Experience Room are selected from the same library used to outfit the Boardrooms.



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